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Protecting the Future for Retired and Current Federal Employees

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Chapter Library

Current Chapter Consititution and ByLaws

  1. Constitution for Nashville Chapter 227 (Will be available Shortly)
  2. ByLaws for Nashville Chapter 227 (Will be available Shortly)

Chapter Officer Duties and Responsibilities

  1. F-54 Chapter Pres./Chapter VP
  2. F-55 Chapter Secretary
  3. F-56 Chapter Treasurer
  4. F-58 Chapter Service Officer
  5. F-60 Membership Chair

  • F-10 Chapter/Federation Officers Manual 
  • FH-6 Membership Services Manual
  • FH-9 Public Relations Handbook
  • FH-10 Service Officer Guide
  • FH-19 Membership Development Manual



Membership Applications

  • F-53 National Life Membership
  • F-85 Gift Membership Information
  • H-140A NARFE Membership Application

Membership Recruitment

  • F-117 NARFE's Legislative Accomplishments Brochure
  • F-126 10 Worst Mistakes Federal Employees Can Make
  • F-127 10 Worst Mistakes Retirees Can Make
  • F-133  Your FERS Benefits 
  • M-2 Prospect Information Card


  1. F-122 New recruiting pamphlet “Look at What NARFE Has Done for You Lately” (lists our most recent legislative accomplishments)
  • Chapter Materials

    F-3A Proposed Convention Resolution
  • F-3C Proposed Bylaw/Standing Rule Amendent
  • F-7 Chapter Officer Roster 
  • F-9 Notification of Member Death
  • F-16 Dues Transmittal Sheet: New Members
  • F-16R Dues Transmittal Sheet: Renewals
  • F-18 Requisition for Printed Supplies 
  • F-19 Form. of New Chap. & App. for Charter
  • F-21 Chapter Constitution/Bylaws
  • F-30 Monthly Chapter Update Report
  • F-38 Chapter Treasurer's Report
  • F-84 Request for Chapter Transfer 
  • F-100 Be prepared for Life's Events

NARFE Program Information

  • FH-4 Articles of Incorporation: National Bylaws 
  • FH-12  Alzheimer's Research Program
  • F-105 NARFE Scholarship Program Guide
  • F-107 Service Officer & Centers Brochure 
  • F-130 NARFE Disaster Relief Fund
  • H-134 Information Directory for Headquarters


How do you officially initiate members into your chapter?

The "Welcome to Your NARFE Chapter" (F-121) and "Be Prepared for Life's Events" (F-100) pamphlets contain blank spaces for you to write in your own chapter's information. Give these pamphlets to new members for a snapshot of what NARFE and your chapter represent.

Recruiting pamphlet "Look at What NARFE Has Done for You Lately"(F-122) lists our most recent legislative accomplishements.


For OPM, the number to call is 1-888 -767-6738.

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