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THE SURVIVOR KIT: Essential Information

[To gather information only - Do not send them to OPM}

Steps for Immediate Survivors/Executors

Application For Death Benefits, Civil Service Retirement System. (CSRS)

Application For Death Benefits, Federal Employees Retirement System. (FERS)


[Sample of death benefits forms. Fill in the one that applies to you and file it away.
OPM will send a numbered form later when needed.]

When an annuitant’s spouse dies, the annuitant should act as soon as possible to send OPM a copy of the spouse’s
death certificate, along with any other applicable requests and statements (see Sample Notification at the end of this guide). The annuitant also can obtain assistance in notifying OPM from his or her chapter service officer or the local NARFE Service Center.

Restoration to Full Annuity  Rate
If an annuitant has elected a full or partial survivor annuity for his or her spouse, the annuitant can have the an-
nuity restored to the full, unreduced rate if the spouse predeceases the annuitant. The restoration to the unre- duced rate is effective as of the first day of the month after the date of the spouse’s death. The annuitant should notify OPM that he or she wants to have the annuity restored to the full rate by writing to the OPM Retirement Operations Center, P.O. Box 45, Boyers, PA 16017-4500.

The Report of Death (Sample Notification) can be used to notify OPM, along with a copy of the spouse’s death cer- tificate. Any items applicable to the individual annuitant’s situation should be covered in the letter.

Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP)
The annuitant should request that his or her FEHBP enrollment be changed from self-and-family coverage to self-
only coverage,  if there are no other family members (e.g., minor children, disabled or eligible grandchildren) who are entitled to FEHBP coverage under the annuitant’s enrollment. This can be taken care of immediately by con- tacting OPM by phone at 888-767-6738 (202-606-0500 in the Washington, DC, calling area).

Designations of Beneficiaries
If the annuitant wants to designate a new beneficiary or beneficiaries for his or her unassigned FEGLI coverage,
and for any unexpended retirement monies in the Civil Service Retirement Fund (which covers both the CSRS
and FERS), he or she should request that OPM send new designation forms. These are:
SF 2823 for FEGLI, SF 2808 for CSRS, SF 3102 for FERS. In addition, if the annuitant has a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account, the annuitant should contact the TSP Office to request form TSP-3, “Designation of Beneficiary.” The address is: Thrift Savings Plan Office, P.O. Box 385021, Birmingham, AL 35238. The phone number is 877-
968-3778. The form also can be downloaded from the TSP Web site at

Make sure that all of your beneficiary forms are up-to-date, both with your designated beneficiary(ies) and to ensure that the addresses are current.

Family Life Insurance
If the deceased spouse was covered under the annuitant’s Option C FEGLI Family Insurance, the annuitant also
should request FEGLI form FE6-DEP, “Statement of Claim,” to file for the life insurance benefits.

Income-Tax Withholding
If the annuitant wants to change the amount of federal or state income tax being withheld from his or her annuity,
the annuitant can do this online at The change also can be made by phone by calling 888-
767-6738 (or 202-606-0500 in the Washington, DC, area). The annuitant will need to have the retirement claim number and personal identification number or Social Security number. The annuitant also can write to OPM at the address above. OPM will change the tax withholding as requested by the annuitant. No special forms are re- quired.

Legal Consultation
The annuitant should consult with his or her legal adviser and review the will and other important financial and
estate-related documents.

If your spouse is deceased, you also may want to complete a designation of beneficiary form for FEGLI. If you do
not receive this form when you report your spouse’s death, you can request it from OPM. An executor or a sur- vivor spouse of a deceased survivor annuitant must take certain actions pertaining to the survivor annuity of the deceased survivor annuitant as soon as possible. NARFE chapter service officers and NARFE Service Center vol- unteers are available to assist in taking the necessary actions.

When a survivor annuitant dies, his or her entitlement to survivor annuity payments ends at the end of the month prior to the date of the survivor annuitant’s death. Any uncashed or non-negotiated annuity checks sent to the sur- vivor annuitant, regardless of when received, and any annuity payments that are directly deposited to a bank or other financial institution after the date of death must be returned.

The following actions should be taken:
1.  Return any uncashed or non-negotiated survivor annuity checks to the return mail address on the Department
of the Treasury envelope in which the check was mailed. If the payments are direct deposits in a bank or finan- cial institution, notify the bank or financial institution of the survivor annuitant’s death so that the bank will
not accept any further survivor annuity payments for the deceased. Any payments deposited to the decedent’s account after the date of death will be automatically returned to the Department of the Treasury. Any checks or payments issued after the date of the survivor annuitant’s death will be recovered at the direction of OPM.

2.  Send a letter reporting the survivor annuitant’s death, along with a copy of the decedent’s death certificate, to: OPM Retirement Operations Center, P.O. Box 45, Boyers, PA 16017-4500.

This letter should include the decedent’s full name and address, civil service claim number, Social Security number, date of birth, date of death and the relationship of the decedent (if any) to the letter writer. The Sam- ple Notification at the end of this booklet may be used for this purpose. OPM will remove the deceased sur- vivor annuitant’s name from the annuity rolls to prevent any further payments from being sent.

If the survivor annuitant had a TSP account or an annuity, the TSP Service Office should be contacted to report the death: Thrift Savings Plan Office, P.O. Box 385021, Birmingham, AL 35238. You also can call 877-968-
3778. For TSP death benefits to be processed, survivors should submit form TSP17, “Information Relating to
Deceased Participant,” along with a copy of the participant’s certified death certificate.

If there are any questions about these procedures or you need assistance, contact the nearest NARFE chapter service officer or NARFE Service Center volunteer. If you do not have the contact information, call the NARFE Member Records Department at 800-456-8410 and request the name, address and telephone number for the nearest chapter service officer or NARFE Service Center volunteer.

The F-100 listed below is an essential document for the survivor to have available when the time comes. It needs to be filled out, kept current as things change and file where it can easily be found when needed. The PDF file can be filled out by hand and the Word file can be filled out using MS Word, best if you use the Insert function of Word.

For OPM, the number to call is 1-888 -767-6738.

A NARFE Guide For Federal Employees and Annuitants.


[Copies are also available from your local NARFE Chapter.]

Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program (FE6)

Claim For Death Benefits (FE6DEP).


[A sample insurance claim form. Fill it in and file it away.
OPM will send a numbered form when needed.]
Be aware that any payment of $5,000 must be distributed via a Money Market Account. The Money Market Account form is included with the claim form above.

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