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Protecting the Future for Retired and Current Federal Employees

So your chapter what's to have its own website. How do you make it happen?

1. You need someone to do the work to get it setup and to maintain it. You will also need some one to assist in providing the content for you website.

2. That person will need to have access to a computer and the Internet, preferably a broadband connection. Dial up will work but it is much slower when transferring files to the host.

3. That person will need an application to create and edit the web pages. The 1and1 web hosting folks have packages that you can use.

4. You will need a host for you website. We use 1and1 at URL the package we use cost $2.99 a month and is paid every 6 months. You can setup you account through the 1and1 website and have it online in 24 hours.

5. You can use any of the current chapter website as a template to create you own. You would need to download or save each page you want and the graphics including background if any.

6. With a set of pages you would then edit it to fit you chapters needs and when finished move the necessary files to the host site. You will need an FPT client application to move the files, 1and1 provides one with their package or you can use any other one of you choice. One caution; view your pages through several different browsers to make sure that it can be viewed the way you want it to be. Check you spelling and put a date on each page. If you use a template you would need to change the title of each page to meet you needs.

7. One you have your website up and running you should contact the National NARFE webmaster and let they know that you have a new chapter website online and give them the information that they need to list your chapter on the National list of chapters. The do the same this with the Tennessee Federation webmaster Ronnie Collins at

8. If you want assistance with setting up and maintaining you chapter website you can contact Ronnie Collins, check you his offer at this link

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